Automatic functionality without changing a setting + add lag to audio input

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Automatic functionality without changing a setting + add lag to audio input Empty Automatic functionality without changing a setting + add lag to audio input

Post by MBaltay on Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:35 pm

Hello developer,

Great product. The detail and variety are awesome.  I immediately bought pro version.
I'm using the software running on an HTC 10 android stock v6 (also ran it on v7). I'm using the software for two key purposes in my mercedes in which I installed a mobridge bluetooth audio adapter that communicates with my OEM fiber optic MOST system. I also mirror my android to my stock head unit display using miracast over a wifii direct connection.

1. SA let's me overide the wifi direct audio routing so that it does not route audio because i just use the miracast for video screen mirroring.  I run the audio through the bluetooth adapter and onto the car audio system.  Please continue to builod out the wifi settings because the wifi mirroring is going to exponentially increase in use IMHO.

2. SA lets me use its own TTS, which is key because you have the option to add a delay- ESSENTIAL for auto bluetooth so that the voice nav works smoothly.

Problem #1.   It seems like I have to jog SA into action each time I make my wifi direct connection.  Despite SA being open running and proper settings, on initial wifi direct connection, the audio routes to the wifi direct channel (and I get no audio since I have no way (and do not wan t to)  to use the audio from the wifi direct channel. NOW if I do anything to SA, say just turn it off then on, toggle the wifi box off/ on, or pretty much give it any instructions or settings, then it takes over the wifi and does the proper redirection.  This is very annoying.  Is there a way to have SA just work right off the bat, when I connect to wifi?    It does seem to behave properly under bluetooth where it automatically routes acording to SA settings without needing to stimulate it.

#2. Google's mistake to lock out 3rd party TTS makes it impossible to use google maps with bluetooth proper routing and interruption etc.  I can get google nav voice commands to route to the bluetooth mono/ dynamic so that it properly cuts into any audio currently playing on the HU.good.  But of course the commands are almost always incoherent because they are cutoff.  (this issue is well discussed, and I guess Google does not want to address it on maps directly, rather will deal with it as they build out AA.)  
I do also notice that google nav commands seem to come through as Audio rather than TTS or notifications.  In that case an easy fix (for me) would be to add a setting in the bluetoth audio setings to add a latency of utterance of a few seconds.  In my case I use phone to car bluetooth only for phone, so I do not care about streaming audio (use sat radio or a separate glove ipod for all my music or even the CD palyer (yes! I,m a bit old school, but find that to be stunning digital audio).  

Another alternative would be to simply figure out a way to add a delay to google TTS AFTER it sends its command out, but before it gets sent through the BT??  In other words let them have their **mn data.  You could aset SA to capture the data if that is your intent- in other words both companies get the data??

BTW- it all works properly when I use another nav app (Co-pilot), but then I lose certain important functionality of Google maps. Furthermore its just a matter of time before google forces out all 3rd party nav., likek they have done with cloud photos/ doing with chrome/ TTS etc. (sad but they are becoming more and more like something in between the controller of Apple and the self-interest monopolist of MS)

Would it be posible to send me a beta build or something that would allow me to add a delay to audio when running over bluetooth?  or am I just wet behind the ears?

BEst and great work again,



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