ScreenMirroring and sound over bluetooth not working on Android 6

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ScreenMirroring and sound over bluetooth not working on Android 6

Post by diegopanther on Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:09 pm


I just got myself the pro version, but it does not work :-( My intention: Screen Mirroring over Miracast and sound over bluetooth (on Android 6.0).

Sound about seems to crash. It freezes or even makes the whole device reboot.

The curious thing is, on Android 5, this was just no problem - no app was needed to do it. I just had to miracast the video and then pair to the bluetooth audio receiver - and everything worked finde. On Android 6, the system stops screen mirroring as soon as I pair to the bluetooth audio device.

Is there any solution to that?

At my last try, the folling happened:

During a couple of minutes, Sound about freezed my entire device (which is technically pretty high end with octacore etc. so that's probably not the problem). Then SoundAbout all of a sudden showed up with options. However, choosing Bluetooth did not make it actually route to bluetooth. The device was not paired though. And when I tried to pair it, ScreenMirroring disconnected...

So, for this time, it does not seem that Sound About gives a solution to the issue, that Android 6 does not allow to activate ScreenMirroring and route sound to bluetooth at the same time.

So I got myself the refund for the pro version... hoping the issues get solved at some point!



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