USB Audio and Bluetooth Microphone

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USB Audio and Bluetooth Microphone Empty USB Audio and Bluetooth Microphone

Post by tyler_durden_83 on Sat Feb 11, 2017 6:41 pm

Dear friends,
I've got my nexus 7 in car dash setup.
I'm using usb audio to push music to my dac -> amp -> car speakers.
I've connected a bluetooth receiver to the tablet, now I want the tablet to route media out to the usb port, while accept voice commands from the bluetooth receiver.
I've looked for the option

(Mono) microphone override - Use the Bluetooth (mono) device microphone for voice input while using audio output set in the Media audio setting.

but it's nowhere to be found for some reason.
I've added the widgets to control the mics to my homescreen, and pressed them accordingly, but they still don't do what I need, if the audio is getting out of the usb, the bluetooth mic is mute and not sending any voice commands to the tablet.
Plus it's weird that the usb mic is saying off even though it remains whitish. Is it normal?

Can you help me fix this issue?
Thank you so much,

USB Audio and Bluetooth Microphone Screenshot_20170211-223249


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