Confusing phone audio issue

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Confusing phone audio issue Empty Confusing phone audio issue

Post by pasigal on Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:47 am

Hello, I've just got the app for my Sony Xperia running Android 6.0 after the audio jack quit working.

I've had no problem routing media (mostly Spotify) through wired headphones with mic...but the phone audio has been a nightmare.

I first set phone call audio to "wired headset with mic" and under "connectable device" settings, checked "wired headset detection" and "wired headset microphone" -- but the audio wasn't coming through the headphones.

Then, I turned OFF "wired headset detection" -- and the audio works, but ONLY if I switch audio to "wired headset" (no mic). Once the call is established, I can switch the "wired headset with mic" on and it works.

Then, if I want to remove the headphones hear the call through the phone, I have to reverse everything -- turn ON wired headset detection and turn OFF Soundabout. Very odd.

Under "wired headset detechtion" it does note that it "helps if the phone is sending invalid plug in/out signals that shut off the speaker/mic." So maybe this is the problem? If so, is it a Sony hardware issue?

Are there any other solutions? I like the app but I think there's something I'm not quite getting. Help, please!

Thanks in advance,



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