Switching audio stream outputs goes wrong after internal speaker is used for Waze

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Switching audio stream outputs goes wrong after internal speaker is used for Waze Empty Switching audio stream outputs goes wrong after internal speaker is used for Waze

Post by MarcRutten on Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:36 pm

As a software tester with years of testing experience I felt I was back in the world of phones and telecommunications testing applications today. After buying the SoundAbout Pro app in the store earlier today, I had hoped it would fix an issue I have right now. Discussed in a series of topics on this forum already, I am again touching on it since I thought I found a workaround which did not prove to be the solution I had hoped for.

First of all, I am using SoundAbout in my car and on my HTC 10. What it needs to do is use the Bluetooth mono (dynamic) function and push voice instructions from Waze and voice notes from Whatsapp and Facebook messenger to my Bluetooth carkit in the car itself. With SoundAbout this is possible, but due to the Bluetooth audio stream connection delay of about 1 second, the first words on any voice instruction or voice note are chopped off.

This is a known issue reported in many topics and not something SoundAbout can do much about since it just redirects the audio stream. The developers here could implement something, but it requires you to root your device. I found some other apps which have the same option. Now let's see what other options there are in the app.

Looking at the options in Waze and in SoundAbout I came up with the idea of having the voice notes (and music playback) go through Bluetooth mono (dynamic) and have the voice instructions from Waze go through the internal phone speaker. There is an option in Waze for this, it is in the settings of the app. This works fine and well, but there is one major BUT, which could also be a bug. If you play a voice note and an instruction from Waze comes through, the audio stream is diverted to the internal speaker and the instruction is spoken correctly.

The problem happens after the instruction is done, at that moment the Bluetooth audio stream connection is lost and the voice note (or music/video playback) continues over the internal voice speaker and does not continue over the Bluetooth mono (dynamic) stream to the in-car carkit. Also the Bluetooth connection seems to be stuck, since I have to disconnect and connect the phone again before the Bluetooth mono (dynamic) option works.

My question is the following: Is there a way to fix this and make sure that after the voice instruction from Waze is spoken via the internal phone speaker, the audio playback of the voice note, the music song or anything other media stream continues via the carkit as it did before the instruction came in.

Thanks in advance for looking at this... I am looking forward to your reply.


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